Sometimes something small can leave a lasting impact.  The Twilight Wish Foundation lets seniors feel like kids again, giving them an opportunity to change their lives for the better. 

Today, they surprise a Waterford man with a gift that keeps giving.  Francis ‘Corky’ Higgins, Wish Recipient, says, “I was just looking around and they said, ‘here’s a saxophone,’ and I went, ‘huh? me?’ haha.”  74-year-old Higgins says he’s all about the music, but lately, the Vietnam Veteran can’t worry about buying an instrument because he’s suffering from early-stage Alzheimer’s.  So, the Twilight Wish Foundation teamed up with Roland Financial, giving Higgins a chance to do what he loves. 

“I thought ‘well you know I’m not gonna have another sax and I’m not gonna play another sax,’ and it’s here. I couldn’t ask for any more,” says Higgins. 

The owner of Roland Financial, Roland Kljunich, says granting Higgins’ wish is a perfect match with the company’s mission. “We help people with retirement planning, with Medicare and things like that so we figured it was just a unique way to be able to give back to the people that we serve.”

And experts say playing the sax will help Corky tackle this disease.  Debbie Wisinski, of the Alzheimer’s Association, says, “The gift will help him because what we’re really trying to do through the Alzheimer’s Association is to engage people earlier on.”  Wisinski says the more activity Corky has, the better he’ll do long-term. 

His loved ones tell us they’re making his good days special ones. Tammalie Smith, Corky’s Partner, says, “I know how much he loves music and he loves playing it and it’s just been so long and hopefully this will make a lot of enjoyment for him.”

“I want to teach kids how to play again. That’s very important to me.” Higgins says he plans to perform with a few local bands in the near future.  His friends tell us he’s social and friendly, and now he’ll have an audience again.