Twin athletes look to break Harbor Creek High School record

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Two high school athletes trying to break a Harbor Creek High School record Friday night in North East.

Their parents had to watch over a live stream. The Smith family supported their twins from a far. With stadium capacity’s capped at 250, they were unable to get tickets to an away game in North East.

“I’m a very proud mom, very sad that I can’t be there tonight. Definitely the senior moms should be there, but what are you going to do? We have to do what you can do in this time.” said Paula Smith.

Smith is the mother of seniors Casey and Cody, who could break Harbor Creek High School’s record this evening. Quarterback Casey Smith breaking the record for most touchdown passes and wide receiver Cody Smith for most receiving catchers in a career. The whole family wishing they could be there as they normally would.

“My mother-in-law hasn’t missed a home game, matter of fact I don’t think any of us missed any away games. We were always there, you know, I work late, I just rush home just to get here.” Smith said.

The Smith’s agree they are glad they’re able to watch the game with their family and their kids are allowed to play.

“Contact people I know at North East and try to get me some tickets to see if they could score me tickets and just to be there. At least they’re allowed to play.” said Jim Smith.

Jim Smith tried to get tickets for the family including both of Casey and Cody’s grandmothers. Paula Smith says she’s glad she can still be with them.

“I’m just grateful that I’m going to be here with my family, my friends, and we’re just gonna hope for the best, hope for a win, hope those records get broke.” Paula Smith said.

And one of the twins, Casey Smith, did in fact break the record tonight, throwing it to his brother, Cody.

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