Two candidates face off for Millcreek Supervisor

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With less than one week until Election day, two candidates are facing off for the job of Millcreek Supervisor.

The race is on in Millcreek Township. The challenger says the township is in need of change, while the incumbent believes the township has been making changes and will continue to do so.

As the clock ticks down, two candidates are preparing for the Millcreek elections.

One candidate, 61-year-old John Groh, is nearing the end of his first term as a township supervisor.

The other, political newcomer 56-year-old Dan Ouellet, is hoping to win Groh’s seat.

Both candidates have a close connection to the township, with Groh being a Supervisor, and Ouellet working for the township for the past 32 years.

“I’ve had an inside view of what’s been going on here in Millcreek and that is what inspired me to run for supervisor,” said Dan Ouellet, (R), candidate.

Ouellet says one of his main concerns is what he feels is the lack of work being completed on roads and the several flooding problems within the township.

“Our storm sewer system definitely needs work. We know it is in bad shape, it is just that it really has not been addressed,” said Ouellet.

This is something Groh says is simply untrue. He says that since contracting road work to a third party, the township has been working on a storm sewer system.

“This is typical campaign rhetoric. That is all it is, you know. Someone has a better idea. Well they might have a better idea, but the action is where it is really at and I’m part of that action right here,” said John Groh, (D), Millcreek Township Supervisor.

Ouellet says among other issues, one of his concerns is the communication between the public and supervisors, something he pledges to change.

Groh saying if re-elected he promises to keep Millcreek moving forward in a positive direction.

“Well the problems didn’t occur overnight. They have been occurring over many years. We look at the areas of Millcreek that never had flood controls. Well guess what, we’re putting them in. We have to. We have to maintain the system itself,” said Groh.

As township employees, Millcreek Supervisors have a starting salary of around $70,000 with benefits.

Election day is next Tuesday, November 5th.

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