Two couples together over 70 years share their secrets of marital success… Don’t die!

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Valentine’s Day is a day to show extra love and affection towards your significant other.  This week we’ve talked about wine, chocolate, flowers, but what really helps a relationship last?  We spoke with the experts… Still together after 72 years.  December 28th, 1945; a day Bud Mills will never forget; the day he married his wife, Patti.  To put it eloquently, he says, “Hell, I’m 97… she’s 93/94… still together after 72 years”.  Bud jokes it wasn’t love at first sight, but eventually, they ended up together, marrying at Saint Patrick’s Church. 

Another couple, Audrey and Elmer Schoolcraft, met on a blind date when they were just 16 years old,  Audrey says, “It wasn’t my blind date! It was my girlfriends blind date! But she didn’t want to go… so I said I would go… I’m always game for stuff.”  As for this special blind date?  According to Elmer, they drove around the Peninsula, something they still love doing together.  Three years after that fateful date, Elmer and Audrey were married.  Audrey tells us, “I says we’ll get married on my birthday… and Valentine’s Day!”  This Valentine’s Day marking anniversary 69 for the Schoolcrafts.  And, to them, “It seems like it’s going so fast!”

And it’s sweet memories and photographs that keep their love alive and strong after all these years.  Bud Mills says, “She’s just so pretty. I got a picture… she was the prettiest girl in Lawrence Park….. and I had her!”  So, what’s their secret to many decades of happy marriage?  Bud, that eloquent speaker, tells us, “don’t die”.  

Audrey Schoolcraft has some heartfelt advice though, “you have to love them awful much, you know? And you have to share.”  And, Elmer says, “We try to have a good time… and we love each other’s company…  I love my wife….”

So, there you have it!  If they say it’s the key to a lasting marriage, I guess it’s worth a shot.

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