Two friends are making a second attempt at a World Record. They are trying to travel all 48 mainland states in three months on small motor bikes.

That journey is making its way to Erie. Michael Reid and Yonatin Belik need to log 9,000 miles traveling on Honda 50cc motorbikes to set the record.

The two say the World Record is just a way to bring attention to their main mission, which is to show that people can achieve their dreams and that they have more in common than they realize. They are keeping journals of their travels on social media.

“We make it accessible for that reason so we can really bring our mission to fruition and expose people to different perspectives and different ideas within the United States. It’s a beautiful country,” said Micheal Reid, Create Project 48.

It will take three months to complete the journey, because the top speed for the bikes is 30 miles per hour.