Two local first responders head to Texas

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Rapidly intensifying in the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Harvey is now on track to potentially become the biggest hurricane to hit the US in more than a decade.  

It is now being described as a “life threatening storm” posing a “grave risk” to the Gulf Coast.  At this point, the storm is set to make landfall along the Texas coast late today or early Saturday morning.  When it hits, it could be a major Category 3 or 4 hurricane.  

Corpus Christi Texas Mayor, Joe McComb, tells us, “the storm surge has gone from a predicted four to six feet to a possible ten feet.”

A Texas Grocer, Joey Garcia informs us that “water has been a very, very hot commodity. We went through almost a trailer and half of water yesterday.  We’ll go through a trailer; two trailers, again today.”

With Harvey bearing down on Texas and Louisiana, the American Red Cross is deploying two volunteers from our region.  Today, Elizabeth Carter of Erie will be headed to Texas to serve on a disaster action team.  Tomorrow, Paula Pierce of Kane will be leaving to assist with sheltering. 

In the coming days, more volunteers are expected to head to the area.

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