Two pedestrians with impaired vision show us their challenges with roundabouts

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As more roundabouts are being constructed in our area, some people who are visually impaired are hoping to educate drivers and those who may have difficulty navigating these intersections.

Two women, one who uses a cane; the other who relies on a service dog, took some time to show us how challenging it can be for a blind person to make their way safely through a roundabout. 

As they approach the crosswalk, a camera in the signal activates lights to alert drivers.  There’s also a message warning pedestrians that cars may not stop. 

Passle Helminski tells us, “I was crossing and the car did not stop.  The car should have seen the beacons, they should have stopped completely and let me cross.”

Connie Scheu, Erie National Federation of the Blind, says, “This is pretty scary.  If I had to do this every day, I guarantee I would get hit.  Sooner or later I would absolutely get hit.”

The group says they held this demonstration in recognition of White Cane Safety Day which is Monday, October 15th.  

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