Two people dead following a shooting on East 20th Street

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Two people are dead following a shooting on the 2100 block of East 20th St. It happened just before 6:30 tonight.

Erie Police are trying to figure out exactly what led to the gunfire.

Police tape is still up and it was a heavy police presence here. Neighbors said they were in shock, while police believe it was a domestic murder suicide.

“I was putting the lock on my gate for the night and as I was putting the lock on I heard boom boom and I thought somebody was shooting fireworks or something. Then all of a sudden I saw a bunch of cops going up June Street, a bunch of them,” said Mary Jackson, Erie Resident.

Havoc on East 20th Street just before dusk. Leaving a man in his 50’s and a woman in her 40’s dead. Both from gunshot wounds.

Erie County Coroner Lyle Cook says they were both killed by gunshot wounds. The woman was pronounced dead during surgery at UPMC Hamot while the man was dead at the scene.

“There’s a body of a white male, approximately 52-years-old in the driveway. It appears to be a gun shot wound. I’ll know more once I have a chance to examine a little further,” said Lyell Cook, Erie County Coroner.

The shooting left neighbors speechless that an act like this happened during broad daylight.

Other neighbors we spoke to say they continue to worry about their own safety, even in their own homes.

Even for Corrine Saxton, a next door neighbor, she said the shooting happened near her driveway.

“A lot of people use my driveway as a turn around. If they are going the wrong way or whatever they just turn around and back up, so it’s normal for me if someone pulls in, but that’s not normal,” said Saxton.

We spoke to Erie Police earlier and they tell us where this happened appeared to be random and that both people that appeared to be involved lived elsewhere.

Erie County Coroner Lyle Cook adds that police are currently interviewing witnesses about the incident and it’s still unclear if autopsies will be done.

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