Two Red Cross volunteers recall Flight 93 crash site

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As we approach September 11th, we share another memorial story of two red cross volunteers who drove to the site of Flight 93 that crashed in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

They sat down with us to talk about the heavy weight that continues to carry 20 years later.

“I guess you’re at a state of shock and you’re really thinking how horrible this is and what’s going to happen. Is it over? Is it the end of it?” said Monica Fill, Red Cross Volunteer.

The end of a nightmare that left nearly 3,000 people dead on September 11th, 2001. After Al-Qaeda hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners, intentionally crashing two into New York City’s World Trade Center.

They crashed the third airliner into the Pentagon and the fourth plane crashed into field in Somerset County where Monica and John Fill volunteered to clean up the tragedy.

“At the end when we were cleaning up and I got to see where the plane crashed and how deep the hole was and all of that. I’ll see it was 30 feet deep when it came down,” said John Fill, Red Cross Volunteer.

John Fill was assigned to clean up the crash site while his wife Monica was the head of a kitchen in the morgue.

Monica said that throughout the 29 days, she along with many, had a heavyweight to carry.

“It’s a heavy feeling you feel a weight on you. You feel your heart feels heavy and you know that people are suffering and all of those people that would be coming to maybe identify or be told this is your family member here,” said Monica Fill, Red Cross Volunteer.

Both of the Fills said they’ll have flashbacks of September 11th even when it gets closer to the anniversary.

They said that September 11th is part of the American history that shouldn’t be forgotten.

“Just remember history repeats itself so learn from history that’s all I have to say,” said Monica Fill.

“People forget that. People don’t want to remember and then said it didn’t happen, yes,” said John Fill.

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