Two snow removal departments rack up $135,000 in overtime with recent clean-up efforts

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The city of Erie releases the high cost of the storm clean-up operations after this year’s record snowfall.  This morning, Erie Mayor Joe Schember released the numbers for the emergency snow removal operations, wrapping up all that was involved in a massive effort to clean up a massive storm.  

Around the clock plowing resulted in significant overtime.  From December 25th to January 12th, employees with the Bureau of Streets and Municipal Garage racked up $135,000 over time.  The Streets Department has an overtime budget of $233,000.

Dave Mulvihill, Director of Public Works, says, “we are well within our budget and we only have two months left, so if we have a normal winter, 50 or so more inches come, we will be in good shape”.

As the Streets Department worked with police during the seven-day towing operation, a total of 232 cars were moved by owners and 104 cars were towed by police.  Bruce Eicher is the City Emergency Management Coordinator.  He worked with the county and Millcreek, coordinating relief efforts and working with volunteers.  He says it went well, but there is always room for improvement.  “Everyone that was involved with the…. clean up operation Team Rubicon came in with the other roads and we kind of talked about how we could coordinate those efforts better the next time around if this happens again. This was a once in a lifetime event I hope.”

Going forward, the mayor says there is not a lot they could change in terms of snow operations; it might just have to be a change in attitude.  “We have to adjust our lifestyle when something like this happens, it may just be for a day, it may be for a couple of days, but you can’t do business as usual when that much snow falls in that short period of a time.”

Team Rubicon responded to nearly 400 requests, saving the city $61,000.

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