Two state representatives look to freeze property tax increases for seniors

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For older Pennsylvanians on a fixed income, saving money can be a challenge. Now, a bill soon-to-be introduced in the State House could help.

Two Republican representatives say one of the biggest concerns they hear from older Pennsylvanians is they’re struggling to stay in their homes due to the cost of their property taxes. Now, they’re looking to introduce a bill to help them out.

Republican representatives Wendi Thomas and Frank Farry are looking to introduce legislation to help older homeowners in Pennsylvania.

Thomas says, “That would freeze property tax increase for seniors over 65.”

Along with being over 65, the homeowner would have to have established residency in Pennsylvania and have paid property taxes for more than five years before filing for the freeze.

Farry says, “You could still move from ‘Town A’ to ‘Town B’ and, as long as you paid for five years, that freeze would move with you.”

They would also have to have a combined household income of under $65,000 per year. Seniors who make more could still qualify, though, if their property tax liability is 10% or more of their total income.

Farry says, “So, for those seniors who may still have a decent pension coming in for example but are facing property taxes of $8/10/12,000, they would be able to take advantage of this program.”

In a statement, Representative Farry said this is a first step and he ultimately wants to see the statewide elimination of property taxes. 

The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, though, says that would raise taxes on the middle class.

And, representatives Farry and Thomas hope to introduce this bill in the next few weeks.

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