The U.S. Brig Niagara is in the middle of a two-week trip for routine maintenance.

Twice every five years, the Niagara has to be hauled out to be inspected. This is a part of the U. S. Coast Guard’s regulation to make sure the ship is safe for passengers and sailing students alike.

The Coast Guard is testing the hauls and making sure the planking is in good shape.

The Niagara is currently at the Great Lake Shipyard in Cleveland and is expected to be back in Erie this weekend.

“It’s Pennsylvania’s flagship and we take the maintenance and repairs seriously, as does the United States Coast Guard. They are the ones in charge of safety on the high seas and lakes, so we comply with Coast Guard regulations,” said James Hall, site administrator at Erie Maritime Museum.

When the ship gets back, the crew will be putting it to bed for the winter but the Niagara will remain open for tours.