U.S. Senator Bob Casey comments on GE layoffs

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U.S. Sen. Bob Casey has reacted after General Electric Transportation announced Thursday that the Erie plant could see up to another 190 jobs cuts after reporting 1,500 layoffs earlier this year. 
Casey released a statement blaming the job loss at the Lawrence Park facility on GE’s other locations. 
“GE’s decision to outsource jobs from Erie to India is an insult to the workers and the people of Northwestern Pennsylvania. What has undergirded GE’s progress with their quality locomotives over many years is the dedication and skill of workers in Northwestern Pennsylvania,” Casey said.
“The success that these workers have helped to achieve on behalf of GE should not be rewarded with a pink slip. These job losses represent a devastating blow to the employees and their families, and it is vital that these workers have the resources necessary to find good paying jobs in the future. I will continue to press GE to commit to returning work to its Erie facility when orders increase. An increase in orders should result in the rehiring of workers in Erie instead of more jobs being shipped to India or Texas,” Casey said. 
A spokesperson for GE said Texas is not the reason for cuts in Erie. 

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