U.S. Veterans Recognized on the Green

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The Web Dot Com LECOM health challenge at Peak n Peak golf course and resort taking over Clymer, New York beginning on Independence Day and stretching through the weekend.  Several veterans taking part in a tribute fitting for much deserved recognition.

Gary Chilcott says, “I’m very appreciative of the host tournament, lecom, the whole PGA network, everything to recognize the veterans today.  It was just a wonderful experience.”

Chattaqua county veterans as well as those from erie county and beyond who served taking part in tending to the american flag on the 18th green as the weeklong tournament winds down.

Phil Arnone says, “To me it’s a recognition that’s deserving for a lot of the veterans and for too long a lot of them have been neglected in the past and today’s their day.”

Chilcott says there are not only world war ii veterans in attendance, but also those from wars such as vietnam and korea, two wars which chilcott served in as part of his 28 years in the u.S. Air force.

Chilcott says, “To see the public awareness and see everyone so appreciative for what they’ve done, what they’ve given for our country…It’s just heartwarming.”

Chilcott also saying it was a great turnout following his best efforts to reach out to those who have served.  Now the hope is to bring in even greater numbers next year.

Arnone says, “The best part was being out here and enjoying the fine weather and the camraderie with the veterans and seeing all the golfers having a good time today.”

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