UE Local 506/Red Cross offers assistance to displaced victims of Lawrence Park fire

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This morning, a devastating fire ripping through a row housing complex in Lawrence Park, that fire leaving three families homeless.

UE Local 506 offering a helping hand to families affected by the fire.

Shortly after 9:30 this morning, fire crews were called to the 1200 block of Rankine Avenue in Lawrence Park.  When crews arrived on scene, flames and smoke could be seen through a massive hole created by the fire, which fully engulfed the second floor of one unit and would soon spread to two others.

Lawrence Park Fire Captain Mitch Dabroski tells us, “It then spread to the third floor and ran through the… loft and into the adjacent apartments”.

The captain also said that two residents were inside of one of the units when the blaze started, but were about to make it out of the building unharmed.  He tells us the walls between the row houses normally hold their own against a fire spreading, but once it makes it to the third floor, which is a shared common space, that’s when the fire spreads to adjoining units.

“Unfortunately, we were far enough behind it, it got ahead of us before we got here and ran into the loft.”

Crews will now investigate to what caused the blaze.

Neighbor Caroline Frantz says, “I know the people that live there; it’s absolutely terrible. I’m thankful that they got out safely… I just can’t imagine.”

Franz says she knows fellow neighbors will join together and help one another out, and that is what UE Local 506 is doing. Right away, they opened their hall for the families, offering a warm space and meals, even bringing firefighters coffee to drink.

The American Red Cross was on site assisting the families at the Union Hall earlier today.  When we stopped by, union members told us this is what communities do for each other. 

We did talk with one family member, who wished to remain off-camera. She told us even with the hard times, everything will be alright.

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