The push continues to those suffering from the war in Ukraine.

The week-long fundraiser called Ukraine Week continues today this time at The Cork 1794.

Local organizations created this fundraiser and made it all possible with three restaurants willing to serve Ukrainian food and give a portion of their profits to help.

The Cork 1794 is one of the three restaurants participating in Ukraine Week to do their part to help the people in Ukraine.

“As you can see behind me we’re still rocking pretty hard but really big turn out multiple cities people coming from Cleveland, Buffalo and other states,” said Michael Keller, general manager at The Cork 1794.

With authentic Ukrainian food, signature drinks and a Ukrainian band performing live, people said it was a fun way to give to a good cause.

“It feels really good to give back and support those in Ukraine that are suffering and need our support here. If it’s as simple as eating out for one meal, it’s really great to support them,” said Erica Deimel, Erie Resident.

Logistics Plus and Red Letter Hospitality organizations in Erie started the fundraiser, with three restaurants, the Skunk and Goat, Molly Brannigans and The Cork 1794.

“Everybody rallies around one another to make a difference. There are people in need, there are people in Erie currently in Ukraine fighting, so we needed to do our part,” said Anne Lewis, director of marketing at Red Letter Hospitality.

Five percent of the total sales from the restaurants will go to the First Pentecostal Church of Ukraine to help with transporting supplies to Ukraine and to help cover the costs of relocating Ukrainian refugees so they can move into our community.

The general manager for The Cork 1794 said they have seen four times as many people as they normally do for Ukraine Week.

“It’s just cool to see a bunch of different groups of people come together for a good cause,” said Keller.

The fundraiser continues through Sunday, August 14.

If you want to do your part to help, all three restaurants will be serving all of the meals and signature drinks every day till Sunday.