Unified Erie moves ahead with call-in, re-entry programs

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Programs aimed to reduce the amount of violence in the city are taking off.

The hiring process is underway to hire staff to run the Unified Erie call-in and re-entry programs, with both programs anticipated to start in the fall.

GECAC is the managing organization for both programs and has received over 100 applicants for five available positions.

The group is searching for three counselors that will act as case managers, a program director and a call-in coordinator. 

“We’ve had numerous inquiries there are so many people in the community that want to be part of this program and work with us to move this program forward,” Associate Vice President of GECAC Kim McCaslin said.

The call-in program will bring in at-risk people with a criminal past to help offer them social services to turn around their behavior.

The re-entry program is meant to assist ex-offenders to connect them with social services to help them find a job and get back on their feet.

The call-in and re-entry programs will be housed in the GECAC building on Peach Street.

Another Unified Erie program, Take Me to Worship, is meant to encourage kids to attend church and that incentive is also launching quickly.

The program is receiving thousands of dollars in private donations to support the campaign.

“I think if individuals who are called in realized what is at stake and take full advantage of the funds available and services available through the call-in program that their lifestyles will change,” Unified Erie member Michael Outlaw said. 

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