Union City Dam makes flood matters worse, according to nearby residents

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The warmer temperatures and melting snow are causing significant flooding across the region.  Today, many roadways across Erie and Crawford counties were closed by flood waters, like south of Waterford.

Residents in Mill Village say the Union City Dam is making the problem worse.  When Marvin Cross heard about the nearly 50-degree temperatures coming, he knew his property was in trouble. “Disgusting with all that water but what are you gonna do with all that snow melting?” Cross says the land near the Route 19 and 6 intersection has been in the family since 1932, but he only remembers a few other times the flooding got this bad.  One of the worst was 20 years ago. 

Michael Zazado lives just a mile up the road, but even he didn’t anticipate so much water.  He tells us, “I’ve never seen it this bad going across here, so I was pretty shocked, to say the least.”

And these flood waters aren’t still either, people who’ve walked through say the runoff has a strong current.  Zazado tells us, “The ice over here’s really got French Creek dammed up so it’s pushing all this water right over into these people’s properties and across the road.” The roadway transforming into what looks like a river and cars stuck along its path.

Knowing the risks of his location, Cross put dirt around the barn to prevent water from seeping inside, but he says the flooding problem has gotten worse over the years. “Before the dam, it was gone in two days but now with the Union City Dam, it backs up… no way to control it.” So, Cross is waiting for that jam to break, hoping then the water will recede.

Several local residents came to the flooded area today just to get a closer look.  Many of them saying they’ve never seen the water covering such a long stretch of the road, but they’ve also never seen it so deep.  Cross tells us there’s about a foot of water inside his property.

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