Iron workers at Erie Strayer continue to strike. This time, they have support from the community.

This is the 7th week that the iron workers have been on strike, but the first march where they invited the public and other iron workers to support them as they march alongside West 26th Street escorted by Erie City Police until continuing at Erie Strayer.

Workers hoping this will make more of a public impact walking by a busy road.

Chanting and raising signs, Local 851 Ironworkers marched with the support of other union workers in the community for higher wages and dental insurance.

“We are here to rally up, to show strength that every day we are out here on strike. We are getting stronger, we aren’t getting any weaker, we have a lot of support from the community along with all the other unions,” said Glenn Ybanez, Iron worker on strike.

Terry Baker is an electrician for Local 56 and says he wants to make sure he supports the iron workers to get a fair contract.

“This is what it’s about, this is a family, this is a community. We should be here together and we should be helping our community stick together and do what we can for them,” said Terry Baker, Union Worker and Local 56 Electrician.

Tracy Cutright, the Vice President of Erie Iron Workers, says the fight is still on after hearing from the company last week.

“Basically, one of the last things they said to use when we bargained last week was you can stay out another month, you are not getting dental,” said Tracy Cutright, Vice President of Local 851 Iron Workers.

The iron workers say this strike isn’t just for them but it’s also for future employees working at Erie Strayer.

“This is also for the future of all people out there that want to be employed by this company. This way, there is a union there, they’re protected, they get their rights and that’s what we are here for,” Ybanez said.

The workers and Cutright say they will continue to strike and, now with the support of the community, they feel stronger than ever to continue. Cutright says, since there is no resolution, they will continue to strike until they get a better contract deal with dental and higher wages.

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