Striking Wabtec workers took their efforts to downtown Erie Friday morning to share an important message with the community.

Ricky Steele, an executive board member of UE Local 506, said the striking workers want to remind people that Wabtec is allowing outside workers to come in without doing background checks.

Steele added the striking workers are calling on Wabtec to do the right thing. He said this would be to cover the medical expenses of the stabbing victims.

“We got our car show going on tonight. We also have ‘We Love Erie Days’ coming up. At the same time, we’re not saying everybody is bad, we’re really not, but Wabtec did not do the right thing by just bringing people in here just so they can get people into this factory to prove that work is still going on,” said Steele.

He also asks the community to put pressure on the Wabtec CEO with hopes of him coming to Erie, finding out what is taking place and sitting at the negotiation table.