Unit of Erie police being recognized as ‘exemplary’

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A unit of the Erie Bureau of Police is being recognized as an exemplary force, serving as what community leaders are calling ideal officers.

The Quebec Unit of the Erie police protects and serves Erie’s public housing neighborhoods.

A decade ago, crime in those areas had skyrocketed, now those areas are being called some of the safest to live in.

The six officers in the Quebec Unit walk and bike the public housing neighborhoods and only those neighborhoods.

They respond to any and all calls in those areas and they knock on neighbors doors to get to know the residents and they know most by name.

Bishop Dwayne Brock said the mutual respect between the officers and residents is phenomenal.

“If the entire Erie Police Department acted and took notice of the Quebec Unit, we will see a de-escalation in tension between the police department and the citizens. And we will see an escalation in respect,” Brock said. 

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