United Way announces $3.2 million investment to fight poverty and increase education

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Fighting the war on poverty was the anthem today at the United Way office, celebrating good news for many low-income families in our community.

United Way’s plan is to focus on crushing poverty versus providing temporary relief, announcing a total investment of $3.2 million for 2018-2019.  In addition to existing efforts through Erie, new areas of grant funding were announced, as well.  

Bill Jackson, President of United Way of Erie, says, “…what’s most exciting about it is we’re not alone; we’re working with so many like-minded individuals and organizations who realized at the same time… that we need to come together as a community and really be part of the change that is happening here. “

All United Way community impact grants and investments are strategically aligned with milestones focused on student success from birth and for family stability. The goal is to set up children for success at an early age so they can fulfill their full potential as an adult.

Emergency needs, succeeding in middle school, entering kindergarten ready, and reading at a third-grade level are just some of their goals.  The $3.2 million will be distributed to 40 programs. 

Early Connections Associate Executive Director Michelle Harkins says, “we’re just so happy to be able to reach out to more children in the area.  The funding that we’re receiving from United Way today is going to reach the children in the Erie community schools.”

Among the investments announced at the conference, United Way is including 10 new ones to the list of programs. 

To get the full list of programs benefiting from the program and how you can donate, you can go to UnitedWayErie.org/Funding.

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