UPDATE: Father of Christopher LeClair sentenced to seven days to one year in prison

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The father of the convicted murdered Christopher LeClair is sentenced to prison for his connection to the murder of his daughter in law.

Judge Daniel Brabender said he wanted to send a message to the community that this type of crime won’t be tolerated.

The family of Karen LeClair had to relive the details of her murder on Thursday, as her killer’s father pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence during the investigation.

Frank Case spoke on behalf of his sister as 77-year-old Ernest LeClair, the father of Christopher LeCLair, admitted to hiding a gun at the request of his son.

“I’ve had a rough go of it. I’m honored to be able to stand up for my sister,” said Frank Case, Karen LeClair’s brother.

Christopher is currently serving a life sentence in prison for fatally shooting his wife and dumping her body in Lake Erie in the summer of 2017.

On Thursday, Ernest LeClair was sentenced to seven days to one year behind bars for his role in the case.

“Well, its a pretty light sentence for such a horrific crime, especially knowing it was going to take place, because Chris had been talking about it over 10 years,” said Case.

Before the judge handed down his sentence, Ernest LeClair said his intentions were never to destroy the gun, he just moved it.

“If he had intended to destroy the weapon, he would’ve. But he did move it. He accepted responsibility for his actions. He wants to get this behind him and move on with his life,” said Gene Placidi, Ernest LeClair’s Attorney.

Meanwhile, Karen’s brother stated in court that Ernest LeClair had blatant disrespect of any type of justice for his sister.

As for Christopher LeClair, he has appealed his conviction to the State Superior Court. There has been no decision made in that case yet.

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