Update on Millcreek School District’s security plans

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Keeping students safe while they’re at school is one of the missions of the Millcreek School Board, especially after two school shootings have happened in the past couple of weeks. 

“Every time you hear it, it makes me nervous, I want things to be done yesterday, but I need to abide by the process,” said Millcreek Superintendent Bill Hall. Hall says he wants to implement new school security upgrades immediately, but all of the plans must be approved by the school board. “Part of the issue is that in my own desire to get things moving forward as quickly as possible,” said Hall. “I think I’ve been forcing some things and some folks on the board want more information which is a good idea.” Some of the security upgrades Hall proposed include a six foot tall security barrier along the walkway of Mcdowell and Intermediate High Schools. He also proposed security film and secure entrances in all of the schools. 

Superintendent Hall says he would like for all the security upgrades to be completed by the start of next school year. “I want to make sure that they have everything before we ask them to go ahead and approve the bids and spend the money on it,” said Hall. As of right now,  the board is planning on having Perry construction build the concrete barrier with a budget of $108,000. The board has spent the past couple of school board meetings discussing the details of these new security upgrades. Hall says he hopes the plans will be approved soon. 

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