UPMC Ball Park receives “Stop the Bleed” kits

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5/27/17 Erie- A presentation tonight at UPMC Ball Park is helping to reduce the number of trauma related deaths in the region. 

UPMC Hamot’s Trauma Department has been working for over six months to get these “stop the bleed” kits into the hands of local first responders, schools and venues that routinely host large crowds such as the Warner Theater and the Erie Insurance Arena.  Tonight, it was the UPMC Ball Park receiving one of these life saving kits.

“UPMC Hamot and Erie Events are partnering together for the front-line staff of Erie Events to receive these Stop the Bleed Campaign kits as well as training,” said Elizabeth D’Aurora, coordinator of communications – Erie Events.

Inside these kits is a variety of medical supplies intended to stop severe bleeding in the event of a traumatic injury.

“There is a tourniquet,  there is what we call quick clot gauze, which is a coagulant sponge that helps stop bleeding when you apply pressure, ” said Gregory Beard,  Medical Director of Trauma at UPMC Hamot.

Although large venues and first responders are the first to get these kits in the kits in the area, the goal is to get them into every home.

“I have one of these in the trunk of my car.  Car accidents, you can be the first responder to a car accident.  Often times, the first responders are late people.  it takes a while for EMS and the police to get there and it takes about three minutes to bleed to death from a laceration,” added Beard.

So far over 1,500 people have been trained to use these kits in the Erie area.


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