The US Freedom Convoy made a stop in Erie on February 12th and they were met with a big show of support.

The convoy is supporting Canadian truckers who are protesting their government’s requirement to have all truckers vaccinated.

The US Freedom Convoy arrived at the Pilot Travel Center on Perry Highway and was met with chants and cheers of support.

“Everybody is encouraged and we feel hope for once. We feel in two years that maybe this will end things, maybe this will be a new beginning. Maybe we cannot be divided any longer,” said Jennifer Weiczorek, Supporter.

The convoy is a grassroots organization from Tennessee and made several stops along the way to their final destination in Buffalo.

“It’s heartwarming to see the amount of support that we have received along the way. All the different groups of folks that were there to just support us and cheer us on, and the people that have supplied us gas cards and different supplies,” said Daniel Wagner, US Freedom Convoy.

“We all feel a certain way. We all have the right to put something in our body and we have the right to not put something in our body. It has nothing to do with the overreach of the government, it has to do with how far the government has gone and how it’s taken away freedoms from Americans,” said Pennie Fay, Co-Coordinator of Freedom Convoy.

How does it feel to see the support after a long day of driving?

“It’s beautiful. It is so beautiful. It goes to show you the spirit of Americans. Americans are loving, Americans are very helpful, and Americans want freedom,” said Fay.

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After they left Erie, the convoy headed to the Peace Bridge in Buffalo to meet up with fellow protesters on both sides of the border.