Veterans Day Ceremony

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On this one a day a year, all of the United States thinks like Dave Hayes, honoring our neighbors who serve this country and remembering those making the ultimate sacrifice. 

“I do have emotions running through me when I carry that flag. I carry it in honor of them because they never came home and their families have no closure,” said Dave Hayes, a POW MIA representative.

Saturday morning kicked off with a parade celebrate Veterans Day and say thank you to people like Peter Correa.

He’s shared his stories with veterans and their families.

“I was actually born in Brazil, immigrated to the United States, became a citizen and I’m very proud to have served this country and I’m very proud of our future,” said Correa, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army.

“Everyday is Veterans Day for us. So this is really a great opportunity to engage the community, show support for the heroes, men and women who served us and their more than deserving obviously of the special recognition they’re getting today,” said John Gennaro, the Erie VA Director.

That recognition is sometimes too easily overlooked, but every year on November 11th, veterans and civilians alike know they’re a part of something much bigger. 

“First of all no one wants peace more than a soldier and I will say that to anyone who wants to hear that,” said Correa.

He told us whether you’re in uniform or not, everyone has an opportunity to serve this country by lifting up the people who give everything to keep it safe.

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