Veterans respond to watching a B-17 aircraft take flight

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The Kuzmin family watches the 1930’s four-engine, heavy bomber Flying Fortress take off, remebering their Uncle Timmy with each gust of wind.
Timothy Kuzmin flew B-17s during World War II and the Korean War. 
Saturday his nephew Damian got a chance to see the world from the same view he did. 
“Loved airplanes, loved his family. He was my God father, very proud of him,” said Damian Kuzmin. 
Timothy’s younger brother Donald sat among the crowd.
He followed Timothy’s path and enlisted in the service too. 
Donald said seeing military planes take flight reminds him of a conversation he had with his Russian grandmother about what it means to be a U.S. citizen.
“I’d say, ‘looking at the flag, what for? We see it all the time,” she’d say ‘I look at the flag because it’s God blessing America.'”
Family members said there’s no better way to honor veterans than by getting a first-hand look of what they might have experienced during their service.
“I’m 92 years old now. I’ve never seen much more of this but it was great to be able to do it again,” said Walt Skladanowski, a crew chief on B-17s during WWII.
He said getting back on the aircraft jogged up memories from his last days in Germany.
He’s thankful for the opportunity to touch the sky one more time.

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