Vice President of Northern Pennsylvania Regional college speaks about community college in Erie

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Senator Joe Scarnati was known for his support to the creation of the standalone community college.

Earlier this evening on JET 24 Action News, we spoke with the Vice President of the NPRC, Rick Smith, to get his thoughts on the ongoing conversation surrounding the possibility of a standalone community college here in Erie.

Smith speaking to Scarnati’s involvement with the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College, saying Scarnati was not opposed to a brick and mortar community college, but in favor of bringing an alternative to higher education in Pennsylvania.

“Senator Scarnati is not a founder, he was a supporter of providing access to higher education in our communities a number of years ago. He was one of the early supporters to open the door for NPRC to exist today.” Smith said.

To view Rick Smith’s full interview, you can check it out here

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