Victims of clergy sexual abuse calling Scarnati ‘anti-victim’

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Bishop Lawrence Persico announced a new initiative to create a fund to compensate victims of clergy sexual abuse, but some survivors are saying he’s teaming up with the wrong lawmaker.

Victims of clergy sexual abuse want the statute of limitations in Pennsylvania to be changed.  Modifying the law could allow for victims whose cases have surpassed the statutes to be given a two-year window to take their cases to court.  

Instead of supporting that initiative, Bishop Persico is joining forces with Senator Joe Scarnati.  

Many survivors are now calling Scarnati ‘anti-victim’.  Victim Jim VanSickle says, “In my eyes, Joseph Scarnati is nothing but a puppet to the Catholic Church, to the lobbying arms of the Catholic Church and the insurance company.” 

Victims say Persico’s partnership with Scarnati tells them the Diocese is still trying to keep people quiet by offering money instead of fighting to change the statute. 

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