Victoria’s Law focusing on inhumane treatment of dogs appears back in PA Senate

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On February 5th, Victoria’s Law making its way back to Pennsylvania Senate.

The proposed law focuses on the inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills.  The law comes after a case involving Victora, a German shepherd that was rescued from a puppy mill after 10 years of breeding. She has a genetic neurological disorder that now leaves her paralyzed.  It is believed that she passed her disease on to 150-200 puppies she produced.

The law would prohibit Pennsylvania pet stores from selling dogs, cats, and rabbits coming from mills.

One of many sponsors for the law is here in Erie County, State Representative Ryan Bizzarro.

Bizzarro says, “Overbreeding, especially outrageous acts of breeding is uncalled for. It is unnecessary. There are so many shelter dogs out there that need good homes. This is one step in ensuring that they get good homes. “

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