Villa Maria Academy hosted its final Mary’s Day on Wednesday before the school merges with Cathedral Prep.

Here is more on the importance of this tradition.

Mary’s Day is when Villa Maria alumni and students gather outside of the school to sing to the alma matter, pray together and celebrate their education.

The crowd surrounding Villa Maria Academy on Wednesday was full of mixed emotion. Some cheered and partook in school pride chants, while others shed tears and embraced one another.

Generations of families and community members have attended Villa Maria over the years, so the impending merge with Cathedral Prep has certainly been bittersweet for many.

However, some alumni have shown great optimism despite this change.

“I think it was a sad day for the girls here because they know it’s the end, but yet there’s a future, and hopefully it’s a future full of hope, just on a different campus,” said Sister Mary Drexler, Villa Maria Class of ’63.

Although tradition is a huge part of Villa, many students in attendance on Wednesday were excited to get to share some of that tradition with their brothers at Cathedral Prep.

“Villa Maria meant a lot to me, especially with my aunts and my mom graduating from Villa. I’m glad we’re bringing traditions over like Mary’s Day to Prep for the boys to experience, and getting to adapt to some of their traditions. I think the merge will be a good thing with lots of opportunity for all of us,” said Abby Corsale, Villa Maria student.

“If there’s one thing that Villa has taught me, it is about once you’re a Villa Victor, you’re always a Villa Victor. No matter where the location is, you’ll be welcomed back to our home. Another thing is just adapt to change and things happen in life. You have to adapt, and Villa has prepared me for the future and that’s life,” said Kyan Sinder-Mills, Villa Student.

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Villa Maria Academy has announced that Mary’s Day will be continued in unison with Cathedral Prep for years to come.