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VisitErie took a movement that began organically and turned it into a new campaign.

After one national news outlet featured what VisitErie called a negative side of the city, people took to social media to say what they love about Erie.

VisitErie decided to take that movement and turn it into something bigger.

Now community members can win a prize just for sharing what they think makes Erie a special place.

VisitErie launched its #MyErie campaign on Thursday.

The organization urges people to use the hashtag on social media sites to tell the world what Erie has to offer.

VisitErie says this initiative will boost morale in the community and give people a platform to publicly take pride in our area.

People who use #MyErie can will a prize, valued at around $1,500.

VisitErie described the prize as Erie’s toolkit.

“Some negative coverage was enough to say ‘hey wait, that’s not a fair representation,’” Mario Mazza, general manager of Mazza Vineyards, said. ‘There are some challenges, but there’s a lot of positive things, and we need to focus on those positive things and acknowledge that there are some challenges.”

VisitErie says a committee will pick what they think is the most compelling post for the grand prize.

The campaign runs from now until Labor Day.

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