Voices for Independence celebrates 25th anniversary

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It was a day of celebration for employees and recipients of care at Voices for Independence, as the organization hits its 25th anniversary. 

“I’m impressed, 25 years, cool beans,” said Angela Johnson, recipient of care. Johnson once worked for VFI for five years, now, she is on the receiving end of their care.

Johnson says the organization makes sure people with disabilities voices are heard. “People kind of overlook people with disabilities like discount people,” said Johnson. “Voices give them some power, some sort of feeling of being recognized.” 

Johnson added that besides empowerment, Voices for Independence gives people the support they need to complete the goals in their life. The CEO for Voices for Independence reflected on the Americans with Disabilities Act in light of President George H.W. Bush passing away.

“President Bush took the lead, he set the example in our culture and our society for what’s possible for people with disabilities by signing the Americans with Disabilities Act,” said Shona Eakin, CEO, Voices for Independence.  

Eakin says the ADA changed the way America views people with disabilities. “Without that law, we wouldn’t have the freedoms we have, we wouldn’t have the ability to go to public places, the ability to get jobs,” said Eakin. 

The ADA  was signed into law in 1990. 

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