Volunteers from ServErie work to spruce up Joanna Connell School

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Students returning to Joanna Connell School this September will find freshly painted walls and an improved landscaping.

The work is a project completed by ServErie. The halls at Joanna Connell School were filled, not with students, but with volunteers.

“So that includes painting, cleaning, a bunch of rehab work outside, if you go out back you’ll see they’re digging trenches for additional drainage for the playground, cleaning up the ball field, re-trailing some lands behind there, putting some trellises up. It will be a great thing for the kids,” said Mike Alabran, Project Manager, ServErie.

The volunteers are part of the ServeErie School Initiative Project. A lot of those donating their time to the project feel it’s part of giving back.

“A lot of us who volunteer for ServErie realize we’re blessed in our own lives and we just really want to give back to the country and pay it forward, so to speak,” said Alabran.

Some of the volunteers at ServErie made this a family affair, like Josh and Cora Layhue, a husband and wife team who look forward to being side by side.

“We like serve together. We’re a good team, a really good team, so we like to take this time every year to spend together. It’s fun to serve together and get away from the kids for a couple days,” said Cora Layhue, volunteer.

Hundreds of volunteers, volunteered their time to serve Erie.

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