A local political analyst said there’s a spike in the number of women registering to vote this year. Some say it might be due to the overturning of Roe vs. Wade.

Election night is getting closer but there is still time for people in Erie to register to vote and make their voices heard on election night.

The Erie County Election Office is holding voter registration drives throughout the community so more people can head to the polls on Nov. 8. The election supervisor said the office had processed 1,372 new voter registrations since the primary election.

“This is going to be a busier election, so we always see an increase in applications,” said Tonia Fernandez, Erie County Election supervisor.

A political analyst of Mercyhurst University said the increase in applications has been used to predict the impact they could have at the polls, but his ideology is a bit different.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know that there’s that much of a direct relationship between the two, but when you do see one party getting a lot more support in terms of voter registration, it suggests that that party’s voters are probably really enthusiastic about the upcoming election,” said Dr. Joe Morris, chair of the political science department at Mercyhurst University.

Dr. Morris said this could be seen on Nov. 8 after the Roe vs. Wade ruling by the Supreme Court.

“Since then, the number of female voters registering with the Democratic party has far outpaced the number of female voters registering with the Republican party,” Dr. Morris added.

He said for every one woman who registers to vote under the Republican party, the Democratic party receives four registered voters in the state.

The Erie County Election supervisor and Dr. Morris want to remind people that it’s not too late to register to vote and make your voice heard on Nov. 8.

“You can come to our office, absolutely. We’re open from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. or you can go to the department of state’s website. It’s vote.pa.gov.” said Fernandez.

“Today, you can register online you can register at all sorts of different places within your local government. There’s no excuse for not being registered to vote,” said Dr. Morris.

The last day to register to vote in the Nov. 8 election is Sept. 24.