Voter turnout expected to be high in Erie County

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ERIE, Pa. — The polling places are ready to go

And a high amount of voters are expected to turnout on Tuesday.

Everything from the good weather, the amount of money and people invested into the election and the excitement and emotions behind the candidates are reasons a high number of people are expected to cast their ballots Tuesday.

The 149 Erie County polling places are ready to go. The machines are in place and extra phones and people are set for the high percentage of voters anticipated to turnout at the polls.

“The last presidential election I believed was 78 percent … rather 68 percent,” clerk of elections Doug Smith said about voter turnout. “And so I’m quite sure we’ll be up there.”

The Erie County Democratic Party chairman, Bill Cole, said the large turnout might be because of the excitement behind the presidential candidates.

“Everybody’s watching it,” Cole said. “I’ve had more questions in this election than I ever had in any election. There’s a great deal of interest. And the candidates also they may not be liked, but they draw a lot of attention.”

However, Ann Grunewald, of Erie County Republican Party, said it also could be the excitement behind the local candidates driving people to cast their ballots.

“The local people mean more in your life than the president or the U.S. Senator,” Grunewald said. “Yes, they’re very important, but your local people are what judge, what helps you or hinders you.”

Both party officials said the constant reminders on social media might also help drive more people to the polls.

“Social media’s been a great asset,” Cole said. “Everything we’ve been able to do, we’ve been able to post it ourselves — the video, the pictures – on social media.”

With the high amount of voters expected, Smith is asking for everyone to keep in mind there will probably be lines so plan accordingly.

“You can’t sit home and say ‘well they don’t need my vote,’”  Grunewald said. “Every vote counts. you’ve got to get out and vote.”

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