Voter turnout in Erie County exceeds expectations

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Voters in Erie County apparently showed up at the polls in much larger numbers than we’re used to seeing for a mid-term election. 

A little before the polls closed, around 1,014 people voted at Jo Anna Connell Elementary School. This is out of around 1,900 people who are registered to vote in that precinct. “When we first opened up at 7, there was a line down the hall and that hasn’t happened for several elections,” said Pat Fronzaglia, judge of elections at Jo Anna Connell.  

Fronzaglia says voters were steadily coming into the school throughout the day. Over at the Booker T. Washington Center,  Bill Cole says they have had a great turnout at their polls as well. “We have right now about 170 and that’s probably about 28% of our electorate,” said Cole, judge of elections at the Booker T. Washington center. 

Both judge of elections say there was also a very diverse group of people who came in to vote this time around. “We had a lot of young kids for the first time voting or their second time voting and a lot of people from different nationalities which was really exciting to see,” said Fronzaglia.

Cole echoed those thoughts about the different types of voters that came out, saying this was probably the most diverse  group they’ve ever had. “We’ve had young women, we’ve had Hispanics and we’ve had immigrants,” said Cole.  

Both Cole and Fronzaglia say they believe the turnout was so high this year because people are becoming more engaged in politics. 

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