“Voteswagon” tour visits Erie raising awareness on fair redistricting in Pennsylvania

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A call for fair redistricting in Pennsylvania is the message the Voteswagon brought to Erie on Friday. It’s an organization that is led by the son of a former Pennsylvania governor.

David Thornburgh and his team are raising awareness of the unfairness of redistricting. Redistricting is a political process that draws district boundaries.

A red and blue van representing American’s democracy rolled into Erie on Friday. In front of this so called “Voteswagon” is David Thornburgh. He is the president of Draw the Line PA and the son of former Governor Dick Thornburgh. He and his team came to Erie to voice concerns about redistricting.

The organization calls for fair and equitable redistricting.

“Every ten years, the Constitution says we have to redraw both congressional districts and state district to account for changes in population. We want to make sure that one district doesn’t have 10,000 people and the other one has 150,000.” Thornburgh said.

According to Thornburgh, redistricting can go wrong because one party can use it to their advantage.

“In 2011, Erie County was split into two congressional districts and neither one of the members of Congress representing Erie County lived in Erie.” Thornburgh said.

Some say the redistricting process is all about fairness.

“I really want to see a fair election. They shouldn’t be contorted or made to favor one side versus the other. It should be fair and that’s what I like about what’s going on here.” said Mayor Joe Schember.

“Safe seats yield uncompetitive districts. Safe seats means the legislatives do not have to listen to the other side.” said Luanne Salaga, Mercer County Coordinator.

Thornburgh says many are questioning their faith in government. He says unfair redistricting is one of the reasons why.

Those who want to learn more about this awareness can visit Draw the Line PA.

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