Wabtec announces layoffs of nearly 300 employees

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Wabtec has announced the permanent layoffs of close to 300 hourly employees due to a declining market during the pandemic.

Here is how Wabtec looks to provide assistance to it’s employees even over here in Erie County.

It is a difficult time for something this devastating to occur as the economy is taking a hit.

Wabtec Corporation announced a permanent layoff of nearly 300 hourly employees.

Tim Bader, a spokesperson for Wabtec tells us the layoffs will take place during the third quarter of 2020.

Bader also said that the company is working with the UE Local 506 on a layoff incentive program that could offset almost 200 of the reduction cuts.

Wabtec said in a statement quote:

In response to these market dynamics, Wabtec must align it’s operations in Erie, Pennsylvania of the new realities of the volume environment.

Tim Bader, Sr. Business Communications Leader at Wabtec

James Grunke, President of the Erie Regional Chamber said that there’s been a significant amount of manufacturing layoffs due to the global pandemic.

“I don’t think it’s any surprise as a global retraction occurred that we see decline in their numbers. Of course anytime anybody is laid off in Erie we’re very concerned,” said Grunke.

Laying off a significant amount of employees during a pandemic could ultimately hinder Erie’s economy.

“Wabtec jobs create an additional little over two jobs, so we’ll see an impact not just from the 300 people who are laid off, but what the multiplier is across the economy,” said Grunke.

Wabtec later said in a statement quote:

Decisions like these are never easy, but when it comes as the result of an in-depth evaluation of the market and how to best position the company for success given today’s unprecedented environment.

Tim Bader, Sr. Business Communications Leader at Wabtec

UE 506 is working with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry among other agencies to provide benefits for employees during these strenuous times.

We reached out to UE President Scott Slawson for a comment regarding the layoffs and he did not get back to us before airtime tonight.

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