Wabtec introduces battery powered locomotive to help reduce fuel energy

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A battery powered locomotive train designed to protect the environment is back from three months of duty in California.

Today Wabtec demonstrated how it is reducing fuel energy. Wabtec’s creation is taking part of lowering the use of emissions.

Here is more on how Wabtec’s agenda in reducing fuel energy is going to help with the future.

Wabtec engineers said that this battery powered locomotive saved 69 tons of greenhouse gases and it is the wave of the future.

Here she comes, Wabtec’s flxdrive battery powered locomotive. It has made her way back to Erie from California.

Wabtec employees gathered to welcome their creation.

“Very excited to see the first product come out and successfully be tested in California. So this is just the beginning,” said AJ Kumar, Principal Engineer Locomotive at Wabtec.

Kumar has been an engineer for Wabtec for over 45 years and has been working on this project for 21 years. He designed the locomotive.

Kumar said that it took his team almost four years to make this a reality.

“Battery electric is going to be the future for a lot of things to come,” said Kumar.

Reducing emissions and making locomotives as efficient as possible is Wabtec’s goal.

“Previous locomotives would take that energy and put it out as heat as they’re breaking. We’re able to restore all of that energy into the battery and it’s in the batteries to use,” said Christopher Sheridan, Engineer at Wabtec.

Sheridan said that technology is evolving as it helps reduce emissions and greenhouse gases.

He said that there are concentrated emissions impacting certain areas in the country.

He also said the emissions continue to cause health issues and slow learning among children and young adults.

“So with an electrical locomotive like this, we can go into those areas and help reduce the emissions and pollutants there,” said Sheridan.

The Wabtec engineers said that they wouldn’t be surprised to see this locomotive being used around the world as humanity moves away from fossil fuels.

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