Wagner threatens to “stomp all over” Wolf’s “face with golf spikes”

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How far is too far while ‘trash talking’ during a political race?

In a video shared by Scott Wagner on his Facebook page two hours ago, Wagner threatens, “Governor Wolf, let me tell ya, between now and November 6th, you’d better put a catcher’s mask on your face because I’m gonna stomp all over your face with golf spikes…” (This happens at approximately 2:30 in the video…) So, we ask, how far is too far?

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Wagner’s team released a statement to us around 3pm saying, “Scott’s comments were not to be taken literally.  He wanted them to be a metaphor for how he will approach the final stretch of the campaign.  Tom Wolf has spent the entire race hiding behind false and negative attack ads like a coward instead of debating in front of the people and Pennsylvania and Scott will spend the last month of the race making it clear to voters why they should not give him a second term.”

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