A candidate for governor says Erie deserves the capitol’s attention.  Scott Wagner says the commonwealth has untapped potential and he thinks he’s the man to unlock that potential for Pennsylvania.  

Today, we got an inside look at why he thinks the current administration is failing the voters. 

Erie Resident David Rubbico says he’s worried about Erie’s future and he tells us he thinks many of our state leaders need to get their priorities in order.  “They’re more concerned about hotels and restaurants instead of planning for factories and good paying jobs for people to raise families here instead of leaving town.” 

Rubbico says a few of his own children had to take jobs in other cities due to a lack of opportunity here in Northwestern Pennsylvania, a concern shared by Republican Scott Wagner.

Wagner recently resigned as State Senator to focus his efforts on the race for governor.  He says the Wolf Administration is failing the commonwealth, Erie especially.  “You have an unemployment rate of five percent. The national average is 3.8. You’re 35 percent beyond the national average. Erie can do so much better if you have leadership in Harrisburg who understands what can be the potential here in Erie.” 

Wagner says actually hopping in the car and traveling around the state is important, given the wide range of communities across Pennsylvania.  “We have a governor that hasn’t signed a budget in three years. I mean he’s just allowed those budgets to become law and I see all the things that are wrong. I see all the opportunities and I just, you know I have to do this.” 

Wagner describes the current state of Harrisburg as a leadership vacuum.  He says among his main goals are creating jobs and making the commonwealth more accommodating for business.

But, there are some people who question Wagner’s Senate resignation and run for governor.  The Wolf Administration released a statement saying Wagner’s only priority is his own political ambition.