Correction: The park will be spending over 50 million dollars over the next ten years.

One local amusement park is open for the season. The owner let us know what you can look forward to.

Waldameer Park opened for the 2022 season and the owners and staff are excited to welcome guests back after tough season opening plans.

The park underwent some extensive maintenance during the off season and owners are now discussing a 10 year plan for the park.

The plan will consist of spending over 50 million dollars within the next ten years to improve the quality of Waldameer.

The owner of the park has shared the plans that will take place over the next two years.

“I have signed a deal for next year for expanding the water park, but if it happens that we keep coming on to a tough time, it’ll just be stored in the pod. We won’t be doing what we’re doing and the year after that we are also going to put in the most expensive slide that we’ve done in the history of the park,” said Paul Nelson, Owner of Waldameer.

Staff at Waldameer are optimistic about the future plans of this ten year plan.