Waldameer not open for Memorial Day for first time in the park’s history

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For the first time in history, Waldameer Park will not be opened for Memorial Day weekend.

The amusement and water park has served as an Erie favorite for people to gather at and enjoy picnics. The owner of Waldameer explaining that if the park isn’t open by the end of June or early July, they will most likely not open at all this summer.

One thing they are continuing to work on during the closure is construction projects happening inside the park.

“Quite a few people have bought season passes and they want to know what we are going to do and we say anybody that wants to have their season pass money, we will send it back. We’re not going to keep it. We are hoping that if you want your season pass and don’t use it this year, it’s good for next year.” said Paul Nelson.

If the park does open this year, guidelines for what is allowed for operations has yet to be published.

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