Waldameer Park Opens During Holiday Weekend

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One of the area’s favorite attractions has opened up its doors in Erie.

After so much uncertainty due to COVID-19, Waldameer Park and Water World opened its doors on Friday and there’s plenty of excitement from the staff and visitors who got to venture through the park for the first time this year.

A delay to opening day at the park caused for even more excitement for those waiting to head inside.

People of all ages enjoyed the opening day at Waldameer after being greeted with some new attractions including a six person racing water slide.

“It’s really fun, because it’s a water slide and I really like water slides,” said Harley, a young Waldameer visitor.

This year’s opening also brings change, like no free admission.

Tickets must be purchased online with a reservation with the exception of those who hold a season pass.

“It was really easy, the way they had things set up with security right in the front, they were ready,” said Erie resident Anthony Boscarino.

As Waldameer celebrated its 50th birthday of one ride, visitors were celebrating the fact that they were able to come in and enjoy the park.

“It’s a great thing and everybody is doing a great job of social distancing,” said Waldameer season ticket holder Amy Rupp.

“Mr. Nelson has great protocols going on, the staff seems to be knowledgeable, it’s just a happy day for everybody, especially me,” she added.

Certain attractions have yet to open due to social distancing but that won’t stop visitors from experiencing some rides for the first time.

“The bumper cars,” said Adeline, a young Waldameer visitor.

“My four-year-old Adeline she just road her first bumpers ever,” said Boscarino.

“And her first roller coaster which happens to be the brand new one and it was a good time,” he added.

Upon entering masks are required for everyone unless you fall under the CDC exemptions or for children under the age of two.

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