A fight between juveniles broke out Monday night at Waldameer Park, sending one individual to the hospital.

Waldameer is taking a deeper look at their security measures following the most recent altercation at the park.

The fight broke out between the two individuals near the entrance of the sky ride.

According to the park, staff members lasted no longer than 10 seconds. Both individuals involved in the fight are season pass holders, or were in the past.

The instigator of the fight has been banned from the park and has had his pass revoked.

A disturbing trend, Waldameer has seen an increase in problems this year as well as over the past several years.

“We’ve had an increase in the last few years of youth that come to our park and are misbehaving. It’s a very small percentage of our attendants,” said Steve Gorman, President of Waldameer.

Despite this incident, park attendees are still confident in their safety and security when they bring their families to the park.

“Kids are going to be kids. Teenagers, they’re going to get into scuffles or what not. I think anywhere you go in today’s day and age, you’re going to run into things. Whether it be here, it could happen at churches, it could happen at fairs, carnivals, festivals, you’ve got to live life,” said Eric Yusko, Waldameer guest. “You’ve got to keep it going and keep it moving. We’re not super worried about it. The kids are going to have a good time today. “

Gorman said that they may be forced to make changes to how they manage attendance and entry to the park if they continue to have problems managing troublesome guests.

“If this continues, we will have to have a chaperone policy or something like that where if you’re under a certain age, you’ll have to be with a guardian or a parent,” Gorman added.

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Waldameer told us that they hope in the future, if guests are having issues with others while they’re at the park, that they come to staff members for support.