Waldameer sees great numbers for Memorial Day Weekend

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Thousands of people showed up to enjoy the rides and the newly opened water park at Waldameer.

Two groups of people we spoke to today traveled from different states and cities just to enjoy the fun water rides and roller coasters at Waldameer.

Whether you want to make a splash this weekend in the water park or put your hands up for a rollercoaster, Waldameer is ready.

One family brought their daughter to the park to enjoy one of her favorite rides, the big rigs.

“As soon as she got here, she was thrilled. She saw the water slides and the rides and we are going to enjoy the rest of the Memorial Day weekend and enjoy the rides until she takes a nap,” said Joe Collins, Attendee.

The cold didn’t bother people from going to Water World. In fact this family from Cleveland planned the weekend at Waldameer just to go on the slides.

“It’s pretty cold, but other than that we are having a good time,” said Jonny Orozzo, Attendee.

The park is seeing positive results since being open.

“The first two weekends we opened we did double the gross we did last year and we were so excited,” said Paul Nelson, Owner of Waldameer Park and Water World.

People at the park said they are enjoying being outside and riding the rides such as this one on the ferris wheel.

“Being out here and socializing and being able to smile back at people just like oh this ride there was a guy that smiled back and we waived to him, but yeah it feels amazing,” said Tanner Smith, Attendee.

“We rode the wooden rides. We rode this and we rode paratroopers,” said Josh Heckman, Attendee.

The food at the park is also a main attraction for bringing people in.

“For me probably the food, for them probably the rides and games,” said Dana Mauro, Attendee.

Waldameer is following CDC guidelines throughout the park. Those who are vaccinated don’t need to wear masks, but those who are not still need to wear face masks.

The capacity restrictions at the park will be completely lifted on Memorial Day and the families we spoke to are going to keep riding the coasters or rides such as the ferris wheel.

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