Waldameer sees more out of state guests as 2016 season wraps up

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It is time to say goodbye to roller coasters, cotton candy and water slides as the summer season for Waldameer Amusement Park comes to a close.
Some new attractions and nice weather lead to an increase in attendance numbers compared to the 2015 summer season.
“It was a very good season” said Waldameer Owner Paul Nelson “I wish I could take all the credit by management but I am afraid it was the sun coming out so much.”
Nelson saying that the park has had more out of state guests than local guests, mainly from the Ohio region.
“Yes we had more customers” said Nelson “but I am sorry to say that they are not from Pennsylvania they are from Ohio.”
The park attributing the increase in out of state guests to advertising 100 miles in and around the Erie region.
Hundreds of people and families lining up to soak up the last of the summer sun and cool down at Water World.
“Well today is the last day of Waldameer” said Tracey Dailey “and we haven’t made it out this season and we are also celebrating our youngest Bennetts birthday this week so we thought it would be a fun treat to take advantage of the beautiful sun and the awesome local amusement park we have here.” 
“I am planning on doing some water slides” said Deyanara Franqui “and doing the wave pool said and doing all of these water slides.”
The new Kid Zone attraction, bringing in more people than the park anticipated. 
“That was a booming success” said Nelson “it was more than I was hoping for.”
The park will close its doors at 9 pm Monday evening.

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