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It’s the fastest growing category in the foodservice industry. With the warm weather, food trucks will be opening up around Erie’s downtown, but what does it take to start your own food truck?

Food trucks are bringing ethnic and American cuisines together and they are changing the way America eats. But, a lot of hard work goes behind the scenes in becoming an owner.

Mary Johnson is an aspiring business owner from the east side of Erie. Her dream is to one day have her own food truck which she wants to name, ‘A Little Bit of Everything’.

She tells us, “it makes me feel really good because… I am paycheck to paycheck. So, stuff like this is interesting because I am very serious about what I want to do and I figure, ‘why not do your passion?'”

Many aspiring business owners have to pay consultants to show them exactly what they need to do to get started.

The Erie Health Department offering that knowledge for no cost at all.

Environmental Protection Specialist Jenna Snider says, “the last thing I want people to do is when they want all this money and then I have to come in and tell them that it wasn’t right so to have all the information ahead of time and to be proactive instead of reactive. “

The first step is to start your health department application for an annual license. This is the same license you would have for a restaurant or a storefront.

The annual license costs $100.  You can also apply for a temporary license for a place that would operate no more than 14 days a year or in conjunction with a fair or festival.

Johnson says, “I love cooking so I want to start out small and see where it goes.”

Other topics included proper methods of cooking, thawing, cooling and reheating, as well as Pennsylvania’s food code.

More than a dozen people attended the session.

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